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Advanced buoyancy control


Computer Nitrox

Diver propulsion vehicle

Marine Ecosystems Awareness

Night Limited Visibility

Shore Beach

Side Mount

U/W hunter & Collector

Visual inspection procedures

Boat Diver:  2 Dives. 

Learn about boats, and their terminology, including emergency procedures, deck rules, and safety considerations.  Special attention will be paid to entry & exit procedures important to safe diving practices.

Computer Course:  1 Class.

Learn how dive computers work and how they extend bottom time. An informative class covering several types of dive computers. If you have a computer, please bring it with you.

Deep Diver - 4 dives over 2 days

Learn how to safely dive deep (within 130 ft recreational limit).  Learn about color loss, temperature, DCS, narcosis, currents, and visibility. – Goes with computer course.

Digital Photo Enhancement Course

Learn how to enhance your digital photos.  Bring out the true colors, remove water spots and back scatter. 

Drift Diver (Minimum age 12 - 2 Dives)

Learn how to safely allow the currents to move you effortlessly through your dive.  Learn special procedures necessary to make your drift diving safe and enjoyable. 

Dry Suit Diver:  Minimum age 10 - 1 Class, 1 pool, 2 Dives

Stay warm longer while diving in cold water.  Learn how air flows around your body.  Practice how to safely achieve neutral buoyancy and control your ascents & descents.

Emergency O2 Provider / CPROX CLASS

Learn the proper procedures for using O2 in an emergency situation.  The Class is approximately 4 hours in length covering several emergency scenarios using a demand valve mask, oxygen mask, non-re-breather mask and a pocket mask. 

Enriched Air - (NITROX):  Minimum age 12 -- 1 Class

Learn about the air mixture that you are using today, as well as how to safely increase the partial pressure of O2, allowing increased bottom time.  1 Classroom only no dives

Equipment Specialist: Minimum age 10 -- 1 night.

Learn how your dive equipment works, how to correctly care for your equipment, and basic maintenance procedures.

Full Face Certification - SDI: 1 Class, 1 pool, 2 dives.

Learn the proper procedures for using O2 in an emergency situation.  The Class is approximately 4 hours in length covering several emergency scenarios using a demand valve mask, oxygen mask, non-re-breather mask and a pocket mask.


Min Age 15

Ice Diver

For the diver who does not want to let a little ice stand in their way.  Learn how to prepare for diving under ice, cutting your entry hole, line attachment, and tending, as well as special equipment considerations.


Minimum age 18 and Advanced Open Water -- 2-day course (1 Class, 1 pool, 3 dives in 1 day - PADI), (1 Class, 1 pool session and 2 dives in 1 day - SDI).

Multilevel Diver:    2 Dives

Learn more about the theory behind dive tables, and dive computers.  You will plan, organize, and make safe multilevel dives using the Wheel version of the PADI RDP.


Minimum age 12

Night Diver:  3 Dives over 2 nights

Night diving opens up a whole new world with a host of night life not seen during the day.  Learn how to prepare for your night dive, care for your dive lights, and marking your entry and exit points.


Minimum age 12

Peak Performance Buoyancy:  2 Dives. 

This class will help you to master the fine art of buoyancy control.  You will learn how to position and distribute your weights to achieve proper positioning.  Good buoyancy will also allow you to swim more efficiently therefore improving air consumption.


Minimum age 10

Scubility Buddy - SDI:

OW Certified with 40 logged dives or Rescue Certification. Work with us on becoming a Scubility buddy, someone who has special training to help a diver with special needs. – 1 day of Class/1 pool session, 4 dives completed in 2 days.


Minimum age 15,

Search and Recovery - 4 dives over 2 days.

Learn the proper techniques for line attachment, lifting devices, and search patterns.


Minimum age 12


Sidemount Diver - SDI:

Take the weightlessness of the underwater world to another level and alleviate the weight of a standard tank. Learn to alternate between two tanks and two regulators. This class is desirable for everyone, ranging from tech divers to anyone who loves to dive but not the heavy lifting.


Minimum age 18, 15 with parental consent

Solo Diving - SDI: 1 Class, 1 pool, 4 dives.

If you have 100 logged dives, you can go diving any time? Ask us about SOLO Diving. Swimming skills: Perform a surface swim of 200M in full scuba gear. Must be nonstop and performed in an ow environment.



Minimum age 21

SDI Underwater Archaeology Diver: 1 Class, 1 pool, 4 dives over 2 days. 

This course will introduce you to the established principles, techniques, procedures and methods that are used in properly conducting an underwater archeological survey.

Underwater Naturalist:  2 Dives. 

U/W Naturalist allows diver to learn about the different fish, corals, plant life, and bottom composition in different areas.


Minimum age 10

Underwater Navigator:  3 Dives over 2 Days. 

Have you ever surfaced far away from the dive boat or from your planned exit point from a shore dive?  Perfect your navigation skills, using a compass as well as natural navigation.


Minimum age 10

Underwater Photography/Digital Photography:  1 Class, 1 pool, 2 Dives. 

Learn how to clean and maintain your photography equipment.  Understand how to correctly compose and shoot underwater subjects, preserve your dive memories.

Wreck Diver:  4 dives over 2 days. 

Learn how to research wrecks, map, and plan safe wreck penetration.


Minimum age 15


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